Save The Workers Initiative to Protect Critical Infrastructure Workers
in Ukraine

In response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Mission Kharkiv has launched a crucial initiative aimed at providing First Aid Kits and lifesaving medical trainings to critical infrastructure workers across the nation.

So far we’ve achieved:

4000+ workers trained

150+ kits provided

All critical infrastructure covered in Kharkiv region

Support from the Ministry of Energy

Support from the Ukrainian Ambulance

Why should we save the workers?

The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated. Each missile strike on a power plant not only disrupts civilian access to essential services like electricity and heat but also inflicts a heavy toll on the lives of those working within these facilities. Up to three workers lose their lives with each strike, underscoring the dire need for immediate action.

In the face of relentless missile strikes targeting critical infrastructure, the safety and well-being of these workers have become paramount concerns. The attacks on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine have been carried out through missile strikes, leading to severe destruction and disruption of essential services. Workers at these facilities, including engineers, technicians, and support staff, have been directly affected by the attacks.

Join Mission Kharkiv in the Save the Workers initiative. Together, we can ensure that those who labor tirelessly to keep Ukrainian communities running receive the protection and support they deserve.

One First Aid Kit costs approximately

The project focuses on two key objectives:


Equipping workers with specialized first aid kits.


Imparting lifesaving medical trainings.

The goal is clear: no plant or worker is left behind.

Artillery attacks are the dominant aspect of the war in Ukraine. Despite the advanced weaponry used in war today, the technology for essential items like workplace first aid kits has remained outdated.

At critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, as well as elsewhere in the world, specialized first aid kits for employees are not provided. The kit Mission Kharkiv has designed and provided is different: it's equipped with tools to assist with shrapnel wounds resulting from missile strikes.

We advocate and work towards making this approach the standard in Ukraine.