Coping with Mental Health Challenges: Oncology Patients in Ukraine

In Ukraine, cancer patients are facing tough times. They're not just dealing with serious illnesses that need a lot of care but also with the effects of war and, very often, financial troubles. Right now, a lot of people in Ukraine are struggling with their mental health because of these issues.

Mission Kharkiv is focusing on supporting cancer patients in the midst of all these challenges.

Breaking Down

Addressing Social Stigma

This initiative also seeks to address the social barriers preventing individuals from seeking assistance for psychological issues.

Operating within the cities of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, and Lviv, the project interventions include a diverse array of activities:

Group-Based Online Therapy: Structured sessions designed to provide psychological relief.
Online Group Consultations: Interactive sessions focused on addressing shared psycho-emotional concerns and fostering coping mechanisms for anxiety and fear.
Individual Online Consultations: Personalized support for those experiencing psycho-emotional disturbances.

Psychological support for patients constitutes an integral facet of modern, comprehensive oncological care in developed nations. Our mission is to advocate for adopting such an approach within the medical landscape of Ukraine.

Inclusive Care: Engaging Support Networks

At the heart of our strategy is the active participation of family members and close friends of oncology patients at every stage of the treatment journey. We believe in the importance of involving loved ones to provide comprehensive support.

Within the Mental Health program, specialists are dedicated to three core therapeutic modalities: Person-Centered therapy, Gestalt therapy, and Positive psychotherapy.