Our values

We stand for a world where everyone has equal rights and timely access to the medicine.

We firmly believe that in the 21st century, no one should experience pain, suffering or lose their life because they do not have life essential medications.

Implementation is a critical stage of our work, where we turn our solutions into actions, and we do it through complete transparency.

Comprehensive research, data analysis, collaboration with healthcare experts and stakeholders, and the use of evidence-based decision-making – these is our approach to achieve results.

We ensure that our actions are consistent with our mission and the best interests of those we serve.

We follow humanitarian principles, which was established at the Geneva Convention in 1864:

1. Humanity
2. Impartiality
3. Independence
4. Neutrality

Internal values Mission Kharkiv follows:

- Independence
- Result-oriented
- Innovation
- Solidarity


We focus on achieving specific, measurable results.


We operate on the basis of team support. We help each other within the team to be capable of helping others.


We create new approaches and pathways to address humanitarian issues. For us, innovation is a tool that allows us to create solutions to modern problems.


The actions of Mission Kharkivs’ team are based independently of external influences such as political pressure and interference, economic interests, cultural and religious influences. This ensures objectivity in implementing strategies and actions to achieve the goal of the charitable mission.