Recovery Engineering

The war has disrupted healthcare infrastructure and services, resulting in inadequate access to critical medical care for a significant portion of the population.

The core objective of our Recovery Engineering Initiative
is to extend support to NGOs operating in Ukraine.

By harnessing the expertise of skilled engineers and channeling their efforts towards healthcare infrastructure, we aim not only to rebuild what was lost but to strengthen it for the future.

Local clinics, serving as lifelines for primary healthcare services, have suffered extensive damage during the conflict, rendering them incapable of meeting the community’s health needs.

The Kharkiv region in Ukraine, marked by the scars of conflict and displacement, is grappling with a healthcare crisis of grave proportions.

Mission Kharkiv launched a specialized initiative Recovery Engineering, engaging qualified and experienced engineers.

These experts will provide consultations to international and non-governmental organizations involved in post-conflict reconstruction efforts. Our role as a consultant is to ensure that reconstruction projects adhere to European engineering standards and promote transparency in the tendering process.

Mission Kharkiv provides:

Damage Assessment.
Development of the Technical Documentation: Project Plan for Repair, Reconstruction purposes.
Establishment of Criteria for the Client NGO Tendering and Requirements for the Company Implementing the Project.
Monitoring of Work Progress and Ensuring Adherence to the Project Plan.
Final Report Prior to Project Handover.