The Critical Pharmaceutical Help initiative covers two branches of medicine: rheumatology and neurology

Why does it matter?

Government programs providing free medications to the population in Ukraine are limited in their coverage for all the drugs essential for individuals with rheumatological or neurological conditions.

The diseases within these two medical fields can develop regardless of age, thus affecting the youthful demographic of Ukraine.

People with rheumatological or neurological conditions require medications on a systematic basis.

However, considering that particular medicine may be supplied to Ukraine in limited quantities and at exorbitant costs, ukrainians are left with no choice in the treatment they can afford.

Algorithm of the Critical
Pharmaceutical Help

In Mission Kharkiv, the process of providing medication under the Critical Pharmaceutical Help initiative is guided by a structured process to ensure patients receive the necessary medications promptly and efficiently.

The patient provides a prescription from the doctor, duly signed and stamped. Additionally, the patient provides copies of documents and medical reports.

Once the documentation is received, the Mission Kharkiv team begins work: enters the patient's information into our electronic database. Following data entry, medications are reserved for the patient's entire prescribed treatment course.
The final stage is a series of medication dispensations according to the prescribed treatment course for the patient.